Could you be spreading the flu without realising? Why a flu shot is essential

Winter is approaching fast. It’s getting cold outside. People around you are coughing and sneezing. You’ve heard reports of an outbreak of the flu. But you’re OK. You’re well. You haven’t got the flu. You... Read more


Why influenza is different when you have asthma

The influenza season can be a worrying time for patients with asthma; they’re more likely than others to end up in hospital if they catch the virus. Let’s explore exactly why influenza is so dangerous... Read more

Ardis Hoven

Help asthma patients stay healthy during the influenza season

Influenza can be dangerous for patients with asthma, however mild. Their airways become more inflamed than they typically are and they produce more mucus, making it harder to breathe. This can set off asthma symptoms... Read more

Heidi Stensmyren

A common cold or a touch of the flu? Can you tell?

It’s not easy for parents to tell whether their kids have caught a common cold or something more serious, such as influenza (the flu). Cold and the flu share so many similarities. To start with,... Read more

Ardis Hoven

Even a child can connect the dots when it comes to the flu

Oh kids! They forget to wash their hands, play in the mud, constantly pick their noses, and put everything in their mouths. But that’s just the way they are. There are many wonderful things about... Read more

Otmar Kloiber

The true burden of flu on working parents

Come mid-November, having just about recovered from juggling work with looking after their kids during the summer holidays, working parents are faced with a new challenge – the flu. Full of concern, they anxiously look... Read more

Julia Tainijoki-Seyer

HCPs key role in protecting kids from the unpredictable nature of flu

“The flu is more severe than many parents think. Many parents think of the flu as a bit of a misery: you get it, get over it and – as a result – get immunity.... Read more

Téa Collins

Why would I vaccinate my kid against the flu?

“Last winter was the first time my family – myself, my daughter and her father – got a flu shot. I will do it every year from now on and call on other parents to... Read more

Julia Tainijoki-Seyer

Why should you make a small thing a big deal?

Let’s make this flu season different. Just imagine, a season without clinics full of runny-nosed patients queuing to see their doctors; without hospital wards filled to the brim with the elderly coughing; without patients frustrated... Read more

Otmar Kloiber

Influenza-free for nearly two decades

Dr. Mukesh Haikerwal, General Medical Practitioner in Melbourne’s western suburbs in Australia, shares his story of how he protects himself, his staff and his patients from the severe consequences of influenza. I’ve not had influenza... Read more

Mukesh Haikerwal