The medical community
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in Taipei on 19-22 October.
Also, the flu season is here!
Get the flu vaccine and
stay protected!
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Let kids be
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Protect yourself and those you care for.
Get the flu vaccine.
Across the world around a quarter of children catch the flu each year. Let’s face it: our little rascals are vulnerable to the flu because of their lack of prior immunity and more frequent exposure to the virus. Twice as many children get the flu as compared to the adults in a household. This is even worse when a child is suffering from previous underlying medical conditions.
Let kids be kids by getting them vaccinated. And get a shot as well, in order to make sure you are not the source of their infection. But it does not stop with you – motivate families to take charge and get the flu vaccine. Can you imagine the impact this would have? It would cut down on flu related hospitalizations and doctor visits, and, most importantly, it will free up time for walks in the park, games in the mud and trips to the zoo – what kids should be doing!
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Will you get the flu vaccine this year?

Never underestimate the power of small things. Getting the flu vaccine only takes a few seconds, yet it has a big impact. When you get immunized, you aren’t only protecting yourself, you’re also protecting those you care for.

Learn more about the WMA global influenza campaigns and related resources.

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Let kids be kids!
Protect yourself
and those you care for
Get the flu vaccine
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